The Campos Firm is a leading national law firm serving clients across the United States.  Our firm is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional personalized service at an affordable cost. We represent clients in a global way; whatever legal services clients need, we will provide and provide well. We do more than just litigate. We protect the rights of our clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The minute I stepped into Jose’s office, his business-like, yet warm welcome immediately put me at ease. He allowed me to ramble on and on because he recognized that I was nervous. He spoke quietly but reassuringly to me, and I left his office feeling secure in his ability and determination to ensure that my quest to keep my home was possible, and that he was willing to fight for me no matter how long it took. I would recommend Jose Campos to anyone who wants a lawyer who is willing to work hard for him/her.
Foreclosure Defense/ Mortgage Modification Client